The most famous theme parks in the world are incredible family getaways – and they’re not just for the kids. This can be a great vacation for adults too.

A lot of people think that just showing up at a theme park is all you need to do. Wrong! Don’t show up at a theme park destination without a plan. Planning a theme park vacation can be quite overwhelming. First, you need to find an “experienced” Travel Advisor to help you with your planning. While any travel advisor can book a theme park package, not every agent is knowledgeable on the ins and outs of the parks. There are so many details and deadlines that are important.

With tickets, transportation, hotels, and countless add-ons to consider, theme park vacations can be overwhelming for the average traveler to figure out. The sheer volume of information required to plan a theme park vacation can be confusing, and it seems the more time spent surfing the Web for information, the more questions arise. When is the best time to travel? What type of park tickets do we need? Should we stay on- or off-property? Where should we eat?

What Actually Makes Up A Theme Park Package?

Theme parks consider many combinations of components to be a “package,” but at the very least, it must include accommodations and admission tickets. Beyond that, there are unlimited variations including activities, entertainment, dining, and transportation.

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