"It Is Expensive to Use A Travel Agent."

This may be the biggest misconception of all. Travel Agents do not add cost to a trip. Hotels, all-inclusive resorts, cruise lines, theme parks, escorted, and independent tour companies – they all pay commissions to licensed Travel Agencies. The commission paid does not increase the cost of your trip. For example, all major cruise lines include the cost of using a Travel Agent in their total price. If you choose not to use a Travel Agent, you basically have thrown that money away. We are paid directly by the vendors, not you. And keep in mind that we can book your travel plans with sites like Expedia and still earn our commission.

“It Cost More to Use a Professional Travel Agent.”

A Travel Agent knows the ins and outs regarding the logistics for different types of travel itineraries. While you might find a trip that is a little cheaper, that cheaper itinerary could involve challenging flights without advance seat assignments or the ability to bring luggage without significant additional fees. For example, you could have much longer wait times at the airport or inconvenient travel times with several connections. Our Travel Agents will be looking to find you the best value for your money, which should include the most direct and time-friendly itinerary we can find. Unless YOU tell US upfront that you prefer the least expensive options available, we are going to plan and price your trip based on value-added benefits.

“I Can Book the Same Trip Myself Online.”

Sure, you can, but why would you want to? At Take Time To Travel, we have a team of nearly 50 knowledgeable and well-informed agents. The combined personal experience and vast knowledge of this team can be of great value to you. Although you could find a lot of the information on your own, you’re also going to spend A LOT of valuable time doing so. Our team will save you from hours of time-consuming research and price comparison shopping.

“The Internet Is Replacing Travel Agents.”

There are some things that technology will never replace, and personal attention is one of them. The internet is a valuable resource; however, it cannot replace the expertise, guidance, and personal service of your own knowledgeable Travel Agent. We are constantly researching travel plans which provide us with the ability to provide practical travel advice, which is often based on our own personal experience.

“Travel Agencies Only Book Flights and Hotel Rooms.”

Travel Agents arrange ocean and river cruises, theme park packages (Disney and Universal), tropical all-inclusive resort escapes, car rentals, personalized domestic and international tours, sight-seeing activities, destination weddings, honeymoons, student trips, family reunions, and group trips, in addition to other basic travel services. We are an excellent source of information concerning how much time you may want to spend while visiting destinations and attractions, what to see and what to pack.