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Britany Hobday

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I have been a travel agent for 6 years! Currently I work part time, as I just love this field.  My specialty without question is, DISNEY WORLD! After going back to work full time, I had to make a decision; quit travel altogether or concentrate on Disney. The answer was clear. Working for Take Time To Travel changed my world in ways I could have never dreamed. It allows me the opportunity to meet new people with the same interest as I have. It also allows me the pleasure of mixing two things I love, Disney and planning. Working for a small business means that my clients get one on one attention and they will never get a recording or have to refer to their booking by only a number. Take Time To Travel allows each client to remain personal.  My absolute favorite place to travel is to Walt Disney World. Outside of that I enjoy going to the mountains. Although, I would have to say that Napa Valley and New York City sit at the top of my list.

I tell my clients, friends and family, if it cant hurt and might help – Why not? Using a travel agency allows clients a sense of comfort knowing they have someone in their corner. As an agent I want my clients to have million dollar memories for less! At TTTT you not only have “your” agents knowledge but you also have a team behind that agent providing support FOR FREE. My fellow agent said it best, Disney and other travel companies have already included my price into their cost whether or not you use an agent, so you might as well get what you are paying for! And since we never charge a fee, why wouldn’t you want something for free?

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