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How much does it cost for Take Time To Travel to book my cruise?

  •  Our services are free to you. You will never pay more for your cruise when you book with our travel agency. It will not cost you a penny more; in fact it will almost always cost you less. That is the truth!

How does Take Time To Travel get paid?

  •  Since we are a licensed travel agency we earn commissions from the cruise lines for every booking that we make. They pay us, not you. You are still guaranteed the lowest price!

If the cost for my sailing drops after I pay my deposit, will my price be adjusted or am I stuck paying a higher rate?

  • We are able to adjust your booking to take advantage on any new promotions and sales.

Can I still go on the cruise line website and access my booking and plan shore excursions and dining reservations?

  •  Yes, or we can do it for you!

Do I need a passport?

  • While the U.S. Government may not require a Passport for Sea travel on certain “closed loop cruises” originating in the U.S. and for travel only within the Western Hemisphere, other specified documentation is   required. If you do not have a passport you must carry a certified birth certificate and all passengers 16 and older must also provide a state issued photo ID. Besides, a passport grants you unlimited cruise vacation options around the world!  For specific U.S. government Passport and Visa regulations visit:

How Much Will My Cruise Cost?

  • Cruise brochures are great for providing information but they are printed well in advance of sailings and will not reflect the most current pricing or specials. Brochure prices are typically the highest rates you can pay. You can almost always find a price lower than the brochure rate. There are several factors that can determine cost. Let us know if you have ever cruised with a cruise line before, served in the military, currently work in law enforcement or fire rescue, have AAA or AARP or if you are a senior citizen.
  • Cruising is the best vacation value! There are cruise vacations to suit every budget. Your cruise fare includes your accommodations, on board activities and entertainment, most meals, plus transportation from port to port. You’ll know what your vacation will cost you before you go. (Typically, your only extra expenses will be drinks, specialty restaurants, optional shore excursions and personal services such as massages or hairstyling.)

All About Cruising

Whether you’re a first-time cruiser or you’ve sailed around the world, booking a cruise may at first seem over whelming. Not only do you have to pick an itinerary that fits your travel tastes and budget, but you also have to choose your cabin, think about port excursions, and find transportation to and from the ship. Taking a cruise is very much a matter of personal choice.

The cruise industry is so diverse that you can go on several cruises and have a completely different experience on each one. To make the booking process simpler, the first step is to decide what type of vacation experience you want. The most important considerations are where you want to cruise, how long your vacation will be, and when you want to take your trip.

The Caribbean is one of the best destinations for first-time cruisers and younger travelers. Long voyages to exotic destinations such as South America, Asia, and Africa attract an older, wealthier crowd. Alaska is ideal for active vacationers, and Europe is well-suited to travelers who love long days of sightseeing.

If you’re flexible on travel dates, you might want to avoid busier school vacation weeks, or choose a time based on weather or available deals. Also remember that while you can cruise some destinations year-round, like the Caribbean, others only offer seasonal sailings. For example, if you have your heart set on a voyage through Alaska’s Inside Passage, you’ll have to cruise in the summertime.

Next, you should select a cruise line that not only sails where and when you want to go, but fits your budget and your cruise “personality” preferences. Things to consider are:

  • Category: Cruises are divided into three categories: mainstream, premium, and luxury. Mainstream cruises are typically less expensive. The cost of a cruise can influence what types of people choose the sailing. For example, young families lean toward mainstream cruises, while older couples tend to seek out the luxury they can afford.
  • Size: Megaships offer a lot of onboard amenities such as movie theaters, rock-climbing walls, spas, casinos, and nonstop activities. More intimate ships allow you to get to know all the passengers and crew members, but if you need a constant variety of activities, you might get restless during days at sea.
  • Personality: Each cruise line has its own personality. Some, such as Holland America, are known for catering to the over-65 set, while others, like Carnival, are known as the fun ships. If you have children, you’ll likely want a ship that is kid-friendly and offers special activities through an onboard kids or teen center. Some ships are more formal and you’ll have to dress up for dinner, while others have a more casual atmosphere.

Once you find a great cruise line and itinerary, you should consider other factors that will affect your final cost. Remember that an experienced travel agent can be very helpful in sorting out these matters for you.

For repeat cruisers, developing a preference for one cruise line over another can lead to some great discounts. Most cruise lines have membership clubs, similar to airline frequent flyer programs, which give repeat cruisers access to special perks and substantial discounts.

When booking a cruise, there’s really no substitute for developing a relationship with a trusted travel agent, either by phone, over e-mail, or in person. A travel agent who has been on many cruises will be able to help you through the complex booking process, considering all of the details that may affect your trip. Travel agents can be invaluable for giving you the lowdown on a ship’s personality. A good travel agent who is familiar with cruising or has been on several cruises can also give you a good idea of which lines will suit your needs. Our travel professionals have sailed on more than 50 cruises during the past 15 years.

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